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How are your children with anxiety during these stressful times?

'The 5 Steps: Solutions to Personal Wellbeing'
On-line Audio Visual Programme

Brave the Rage provides a 100% home learning solution that combats anxiety, anger, bullying and stress.

A simple, step-by-step, online personal support programme for all children, parents and professionals to use packed with interactive, confidence building and self esteem tools, techniques and resources for home and school.

'The 5 Steps: Solutions to Personal Wellbeing' increases leadership skills, raise emotional resilience and produce essential life skills and top tips for the future!

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Is your child anxious?

Society today for children and young people is a scary time. Fear turns to rage and anger. Children and young people need to learn to BRAVE THE RAGE.

Source: DfE, Bullying in England, April 2013 to March 2018 (November 2018)


Brave the Rage provides families, professionals and carers of children and young people experiencing anger with simple, practical techniques for controlling anger and temper tantrums.

Brave the Rage easy-to-use Step by Step plan allows children and young people to identify their pain and anger, helping to release stress in a positive way and increase emotional resilience.

"We offer reflection of body anger zones, anger management, positive body language and on-the-spot instant relaxation techniques that provide a ‘safe space’ and solutions to their anger"


Book Series
Krumpled Kirsty book cover

Join Krumpled Kirsty on her amazing journey as she becomes ‘Courageous Kirsty’.

Krumpled Kirsty is being bullied by the other children in her class.

Discover how the Chocolate Bubble helps her to become a true leader – with heaps of courage, bravery and strength.

Find out about Brave the Rage’s ‘Super Hero’ secret bully defence tools, offering fun solutions to friendship issues and confidence in troubled times.

Life skills for the future!

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The Cyber Bullying Epidemic

Julie K Wilkinson, post Vice Chair for Children England Regional Sub Group, highlights a growing problem for children growing up in the 21st century.

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