We see increasingly in our communities and society as a whole that anger is becoming a widespread issue and it needs to be urgently addressed.


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Brave the Rage provides the solutions to anger...

At Brave the Rage, we address all incarnations of anger from temper tantrums to simply sulking.

More parents and professionals working with children and young people need an extra level of support and teaching of new skills and techniques to be able to ensure happy, confident relationships in the future.

These include:

  • Self Identity
  • Self Esteem
  • Anger Management Techniques
  • Developing Resilience and Control
  • Positive Relationships
  • Communication & Body Language
  • Social Skills and Language

Step by step Brave the Rage manuals provide solutions issues of bullying, emotional manipulation and anger.

Brave the Rage offers anti-bullying and anger management training, workshops and support to parents, carers, professionals and teachers working with children and young people.


Book Series
Krumpled Kirsty book cover

Join 'Krumpled Kirsty' on her amazing journey to becoming Courageous Kirsty.

Being bullied by the other pupils in her class for her bright, red hair, find out how Brave the Rage ‘Super Hero' and the ‘Chocolate Bubble’ helps her to become a true leader with heaps of courage, bravery and strength!

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